Welcome to APE-EDGE !

Scared of monkeys walking over your building projections, ledges & comices of hangars, office buildings or over any other similar places? Tired of using different preventive measures, but none of them are working for you? We can understand how troublesome the monkey menace can be. Here at, Ape-Edge, we offer quality preventive solutions that will restore your complete peace of mind. We will not let the monkey scare you anymore.

Problem is presence of monkeys roaming around, climbiong and walking in your building, which is very dangerous. They not only walk around but also bite to the office goers and are real nuisance. They jump on aircrafts Parked and under repairs.

Solution is APE-EDGE...from Srijan Systems.

Yes, APE-Edge is very Effective in preventing Monkeys form walking, climbing over ledges, building projections and cornices of the building without harming them.