About Srijan Systems

Srijan Systems was established in New Delhi, India in1996. Its first product offered was LPG Operated ZON DEVICE & Electronic Bird Scaring Device. Over the years Srijan Systems has continued to develop unique and effective bird control products and now offers a full arsenal of Bird Repelling device and other pest repellers.

Now we provide innovative products of Flight Safety & bird Hazard solutions.

The Bird Scaring product range consisting of consisting of Physical Barriers, Audio Scare Devices, Visual Scare Devices, Audio Visual Scare devices.

While Flight Safety products include Airport Sweeping System FOD-BOSS, Light & Heavy Duty Vegetation control devices, Passive Airport / Heliport Lighting System, Mobile Meteorological Forecasters, Marshellars Kit, Tractor Mounted Insecticide Spraying Machines etc.

While all products are effective, the all products are to be used in combination to yield significantly greater effectiveness than any one product functioning by itself.

With cost effective, good quality and innovative products, we stand high with client’s expectations.